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Roof Services

Reese Engineering Services (RES) is a company that wants our customers to save money. We provide building owners, property managers, and facility managers unbiased advice on how to navigate any roofing issues. Our team has over 40 years of experience in the roof industry, and we can help roof installation, repair, replacement, design, and inspection. Being an independent consultant, we have their best interests at heart. We specialize in both destructive and nondestructive testing to find any issues that may arise.


RES utilizes and has specialists in both ground and aerial based infrared thermal inspections. These specialists have years of experience in thermography and fly drones commercially. Having both aerial and ground-based capabilities, give our customer a complete and thorough analysis of their roof. Infrared thermal inspections are a great tool that allows us to find any anomalies under the roof membrane. Even after the installation of a new roof, doing a roof inspection analysis every six months to a year allows us to stay on top of any deterioration or leaks saving you money in the long run.


Other important services we offer are due diligence inspections, leak analysis, deck evaluations, damage assessments, and asbestos testing. These inspection and maintenance methods are cost effective solutions that can help save millions of dollars in the future.

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