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Structure Steel Inspections

Structural steel inspections is a crucial part in sustaining the wide variety of steel structures across the world. Ensuring structural integrity and quality control is critical to the success of your project.  RES is poised to assist you either in a shop environment or in the field at your project site.


RES has extensive experience with structural steel inspections with capabilities including:

  • Visual weld inspections

  • Non-destructive weld examinations

  • Bolting inspections


From certified weld inspections (CWI) to non-destructive weld examinations (NDE), we are capable of supporting your project requirements and are confident that our quality and attention to detail will surpass your expectations. 


RES inspectors follow established non-destructive weld examination procedures as established by our Level III.  Non-destructive weld examination techniques utilized include the following:

  • Magnetic particle

  • Ultrasound testing

  • Dye penetrant testing

RES can also support your in-plant inspection requirements.  From qualification of new vendors, review of welding procedures and specifications, plant audits, and in-plant quality assurance, RES is ready to help you ensure your projects meet your expectations.

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