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Our sUAS Services

Reese Engineering Services (RES) has invested heavily in equipment and training to allow us to develop and launch our own fleet of unmanned aerial systems (sUAS).​ sUAS technology and advancements continue to progress rapidly and promise to change industries and how they operate.   While the technology is readily available, many industries today have been slow to adapt and use this technology to its full potential.  The experienced team at RES understands the attributes of sUAS and the strengths of this innovative product line.

RES utilizes the latest in cutting edge technology including:

  • Optical and Digital Zoom

  • Enhanced Thermal Imaging

  • Dynamic Flying Capabilities

The use of sUAS is poised to impact the following industries and events:

  • Engineering & Construction

  • Agriculture

  • Real Estate

  • Government

  • Emergency Services

  • Electric Utility

  • Mapping & Modeling

  • Large Events

  • Scenery & Panoramic Videos

  • Telecommunications

  • Alternative Energy 

  • Commerical Roof Inspections


RES can provide services that are listed above and more. We have FAA Part 107 certified pilots with several years of experience in operating sUAS safely and retrieving quality, well-organized field data. Call us today to discuss what we can do to assist you in optimizing this unique technology.

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